In order to keep costs low, initially only 4 types of home were built. The homes are small by North American standards, which keep costs and our ecological impact low. They were designed by local architects (Mobius Architects and Teryl Mullock), and constructed by Burtnick Enterprises. Four of the homes are 693 sq. ft. duplexes, 13 are 860 sq. ft. two-bedroom detached homes, 7 are three-bedroom homes (1283 sq. ft.), and the remaining 7 are four-bedroom homes (1450 sq. ft.). While our homes started out identical, many members have already renovated their homes to provide more space or to adapt them to their particular needs. The four home types share the following features:

One of the duplex buildings.
Two of the two bedroom homes.
A four- and a three- bedroom home.(The two buildings are very similar.)
Inside one of the renovated two bedroom homes.
Many of the homes are nestled into the existing forest.
One of the 2 bedroom kitchens. Non toxic finishes were used throughout the homes.
Many members have extensive gardens around their homes.